Rannerdale 1830

Tamsin is a co-ordinator and support worker at Rannerdale in Christchurch.  Primarily a Veterans Care residential home, Rannerdale diversified its services to include a Home Care division that provides support to people wishing to stay in their own home, but who need some assistance to do so.  This service is not just for veterans, but for the wider community and now includes all ages from babies to the elderly. 

Tamsin’s role involves designating a support worker to clients depending on their area as well as supporting some clients herself. 

“I really enjoy my work I feel very passionate about it.   It’s always great when you work for a great company - it keeps things interesting,” says Tamsin. “I enjoy the diversity and I like change,   not being in the same place for too long.  I enjoy different people and seeing the changes and the improvements.  

“At first you walk in and they can’t do anything for themselves.  When you leave them for the last time, they are fully independent which is just great.”  

“We don’t have these opportunities back home,” says Tamsin, originally from South Africa “I came here and found my feet.  I have no background experience in this area.  At home I tried pattern cutting and design, I also gave hairdressing a go, but I am now happiest where I am. I wouldn’t pick it any other way. 

“Rannerdale trained me up the way they wanted me and working here I have been busy with the Careerforce training, studying my Level 3 for healthcare assistance. 

“I find the materials self-explanatory and so long as you have a good trainer behind the books, then it’s all good.  You read through the books and most of the learning happens when you’re working.   It’s all very useful - it helps guide you in the right direction. 

“Having the workbooks and the on-site training, is so much easier.  Being in this situation and training at the same time is a really great way of doing it.  I am really happy with the way it works,” says Tamsin.

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