"I'd always planned to do an apprenticeship in hairdressing," Shay says. "After I left school I started working in a hairdressing salon, and after my baby was born I started my apprenticeship".

Shay was lucky - her parents, teachers, and friends all thought hairdressing was a perfect fit for her.

"My parents encouraged me 100% in what I wanted to do," Shay says. "My teachers thought it was the right choice, too - I'm a social and bubbly person, so a people-based industry like hairdressing really suited me".

Shay recently went with her salon team to Hair Expo in Australia. Hair Expo is a multi-day expo of all things hair, including an awards evening. Shay says the experience was "eye-opening".

"It really expanded my horizons," Shay says.

Shay hopes to finish her qualification and then start working towards owning a salon. 

If Shay could give her past self any career advice, it would be:

"Stick with it. The path you've chosen is good - hairdressing is a fantastic trade, and you'll have a rewarding career journey".

"Hairdressing is an amazing career, and you meet tons of cool people," Shay says. "If you want a career in hair, go for it!"

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