Scott Gread - NZ Roofing Apprenticeships

Who says you can only pick one trade to become qualified in? According to Scott Gread one thing is for certain, it’s all to do with mind-set. As Scott says - if it’s what you want to do, it can certainly be done.

Scott who works for GG Don Ltd in Christchurch went through The Skills Organisation Gateway programme and says he knew exactly what he wanted to do after school.

Undertaking not only one, but two apprenticeships, Scott’s ambitions wouldn’t let him settle with one career option. Last year he became a fully qualified plumber and now he’s onto a second trade in roofing.

“I always knew I wanted to learn both trades after I did some research while I was still in school. I love working outdoors and I know that having both certificates will set me up better later on in life and my career,” says Scott.

Working as a plumber, Scott found there are definitely skills, techniques and knowledge overlapping with roofing making it easier and faster to pick up the new skillset.

“Because I’m a plumber, I understand and know the tools, can read the designs and things like that pretty quickly. The hardest part now is getting a handle on new materials that are used in roofing. There’s all different types and shapes,” he says.

Even though Scott’s qualification makes his new roofing apprenticeship easier, it’s not without its challenges.

“The most important thing you need to do is ask questions, have a positive attitude and communicate with other tradespeople on site. One simple mistake can have a pretty big impact on the schedule and overall design.

“It’s also important you’re committed, focused and always learning on and off site. The Skills Organisation bookwork is really relevant and helpful to what you do day to day,” says Scott.

Roofing can also be a risky business, especially in the winter months where things get a bit slippery in the wet and jobs get put on hold until they’re safe again. This is where the plumbing qualification can come in handy.

“Health and Safety is definitely on the rise with greater reporting requirements and enforcement for pretty much every trade. It’s great but it can mean the company has to find new work for us if the conditions aren’t ideal. Since I’m with the same company I did my plumbing qualification with, I can always branch off into that work if needed which is great,” he says.

Looks like nothing will be stopping Scott from bigger and better things!

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