Scott Clapson-Taylor - NZ Hair Stylist Apprenticeships

Scott Clapson-Taylor has always been interested in hair, so he's finding himself right at home as an apprentice at Hamilton salon Tangles.

"The more I learn and the further I get into my career, the more passionate I become," he says.

Scott loves how exciting working in hairdressing can be, and how there’s always something new to learn.

"Everything about hairdressing is amazing," he says. "The creativity, the colours, the styles, the products. I especially love seeing a client’s reaction when they change from using cheap box colour to using professional colour and see how healthy their hair can be".

For Scott, the best part is making someone feel like "a million bucks".

Of course, along with being a fun and rewarding career, it's also hard work. However, Scott says that the demands are worth it. He enjoys learning and achieving goals, both in salon and at off job training.

"Being around fun, creative, like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as me is so amazing," he adds.

Although it has an image of being a female-dominated industry, Scott says that hairdressing is a welcoming industry for guys. He has been inspired by the many successful male role models, both local and international.

In the future, Scott plans to travel overseas, gaining new skills and experience. He also wants to own his own salon one day.

"I want to be the best hairdresser I can be, and I want to help others and share my passion for hair".

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