Sarah Wright - NZ Hairdressing And Barbering Apprentice

Hairdressing and barbering both appealed to Christchurch's Sarah Wright, so she decided to do both!

Her career began firstly with hairdressing. After completing a full-time course, Sarah started an apprenticeship at Vogue Hair and Barbers in Kaiapoi. Working at Vogue was a huge highlight for Sarah and she completed her National Certificate in Hairdressing with them.

"I was lucky to be taken on as an apprentice at Vogue Hair and Barbers," Sarah says.

Sarah says she enjoyed the variety of her job, especially when it came to cutting and styling hair and doing hair-ups.

"Hairdressing is a wonderful industry to be in," she says. "You get to meet tons of interesting people and make them look and feel better. There's a real buzz that comes from helping clients and being proud of your work."

After completing her hairdressing qualification, Sarah decided to take her career one step further. Working at a combined hairdressing salon and barbershop gave Sarah the opportunity to get involved in barbering too, and so in 2014 she completed her National Certificate in Barbering.

"I wanted to make the most of every opportunity, so it was an easy decision to complete my barbering qualification," says Sarah. "I particularly enjoyed learning the history of barbering."

Sarah's current focus is on barbering. She now works at Bojangles Barber Shop, and says she's enjoying her work there. 
"I love the atmosphere of a barbershop," Sarah says. "It's a big change from a hairdressing salon - Bojangles is a busy shop that runs on a no-appointment basis. I'm always on my toes trying to keep up."

Sarah is happy to have finished her training, and she looks forward to developing her career.

"I'm focusing on working hard and growing as a barber," says Sarah. "I love my job, and I love this industry."

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