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Sarah Smith 2

"My school always encouraged trades and trades training as a valid career choice," Sarah says. "Although I didn't decide to do hairdressing straight out of school, I know they would have supported me if I had".

Sarah went from secondary school to university, where she studied business. During her time at school, Sarah worked part-time as a receptionist at Synergy Hairdressing. 

"I saw my colleagues working with clients every day," Sarah says. "Their work looked creative, and I loved the fashion element. It looked like a fun and rewarding career. When my boss offered me an apprenticeship, I accepted right away".

Because Sarah was older when she started her apprenticeship, she says her parents had less of an opinion on her career change. They were supportive of what she wanted to do. And her friends were too, with Sarah joking that "they were just excited because I could do their hair".

Sarah makes the effort to put herself out there and take every opportunity that comes her way. She's had an incredibly successful career so far, with highlights including winning HITO Central Apprentice of the Year in 2014 and winning a Boutique Brands competition which saw her spend a weekend in Auckland attending a range of educational seminars. 

"Don't be scared of pursuing a career in hairdressing" Sarah says. "Grab every opportunity, enter every competition you can, and take every opportunity. Imagine where I would be if I hadn't taken the opportunity of a hairdressing apprenticeship! Your hard work will definitely pay off."

Sarah is now a fully qualified hairstylist. She hopes to continue challenging herself in the future by entering more competitions and working on photoshoots. 


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