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School wasn't for Sam. He left in year 12. Now he owns his own home and business.  Sam’s father, a roofer of 40 years, told Sam that if he wasn’t at school he had to earn some money.  Sam went to work for his Dad and hasn’t looked back. 

Today, Sam is completing his qualifications and is part owner in STS Roofing contractors.

Sam also competes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and has had national success.  Sam reckons MMA changed his outlook on life.  It taught him to set and achieve goals and that’s one of the reasons Sam enrolled in his Roofing Apprenticeship. 

As a business owner Sam knew that having a qualification was important to the success of his business. Sam’s customers can see that he’s a qualified tradesman and that helps to build business too.

It’s been a tough road for Sam and he has learned some hard life lessons along the way, but Sam is up for the challenge.  He’s now juggling an apprenticeship, is a father of two, owns a business and is training six days a week. 

Here’s what Sam says about his apprenticeship…

“Whether it’s martial arts or becoming qualified, the principles are the same.

A good income and on-the-job qualifications are there for those prepared to work.  Nothing will fall into your lap and you need to get out there do the hard work.  Make good things happen.

Many young people aren’t aware of their options. ‘Tertiary study’ doesn’t always mean going to uni.

And there’s always room for sport and business.

Start now, get a trade and get a career”.

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