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Renee Macrae

Renee Macrae is a beauty apprentice at Industry Salon.

"I've always loved the beauty industry," says Renee. “When the opportunity came up to do a beauty apprenticeship, I knew I had to do it".

Renee originally worked as a hairstylist at Industry Salon before taking a break from the industry.

She'd always considered retraining as a beauty therapist, but wasn’t sure she wanted the huge fees that would come with doing a full-time course. When Paula McFlynn, owner at Industry, called Renee about the beauty therapy apprenticeship, Renee knew it was the perfect opportunity.

"Learning on the job is the best way to learn," Renee says. "I already have a job, so there's no need to find one after I qualify, and I'm getting paid as a train. Plus the fees are very affordable".

Renee enjoys the rapport she builds with clients in the salon. Because she’d worked at Industry before, Renee already knew several of the clients. She says this has made her training a lot easier.

Renee's favourite part of beauty therapy is skincare and facials. She loves seeing the look on client's faces when they see the results of their treatments.

"I love seeing how relaxed they are, and seeing them touch their skin afterwards and realise how good it looks,” Renee says.

Renee finds her career in beauty therapy extremely rewarding, and she'd definitely recommend it as a career.

"If it's your passion then go for it," Renee says.

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