"My parents supported me in becoming a hairdresser - they knew it would make me happy," Lily says. "They were insistent that I do an apprenticeship, though. My mum did an apprenticeship herself, so she knew how good they were".

Lily found it hard to find an apprenticeship at first. She visited every salon she could think of in Wellington, applying for every job she could find. She also listed herself on the Job Seekers section on the HITO website. It was there she found her lucky break - her current salon saw her listing and invited her in for an interview.

"It took me nearly six months to find an apprenticeship," Lily says.

 A career in hairdressing appealed to Lily because of all the different career paths you can take - salon owner, editorial stylist, trainer - the list is endless. She also loves fashion and the ability to make her clients feel amazing about themselves. Although a lot of people look down on hairdressing, Lily says, seeing it as a "dropout career", Lily says that's just not true.

"People might drop out of school to train as a hairdresser, thinking it will be easy," Lily says. "But those people never finish their qualifications". 

Lily's biggest highlight so far has been completing the first year of her apprenticeship. 

"Completing my first year was a big relief," Lily says. "It made me feel like I can do this and get through the rest of my training. I've grown so much as a person and a hairdresser, and I'm so much more confident".

If you're looking for a career in hairdressing, Lily has one piece of advice:

"Get an apprenticeship. You learn so much faster and you get to experience the real salon vibe," Lily says. "And don't give up - search until you find the right salon where you can grow and feel comfortable".

Once she gets qualified, Lily's biggest goal is to work as an editorial stylist. She also hopes to travel the world and work on a cruise ship.

"There are so many different options". 

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