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“My parents were supportive of my choice, although there was talk of me becoming an air hostess or a journalist, because I like to talk! They were worried that I couldn’t grow in a hairdressing career and it would be a waste of my talent. Safe to say I’ve changed their minds, and they understand how phenomenal a career in hairdressing can be”.

Liana spent some time searching for the perfect apprenticeship. She moved to Dunedin on her own and volunteered at several salons, but she didn’t feel like they were the right fit. She finally found her current salon, and she hasn’t looked back since.

“When I was younger I used to stay with my grandparents in my mum’s old room. She was a hairdresser, and she had posters from all these different salons in that room. I used to look at those posters and imagine myself as a hairdresser”.

With such a long interest in hairdressing, Liana’s friends weren’t surprised when she started her apprenticeship.

“Heaps of them were subjected to my first cut and colour experiments, so they weren’t surprised.” Liana says. “They’re proud of me for following my dreams”.

“I love hairdressing because hair gives us a chance to express ourselves,” Liana says. “I’ve had so many highlights so far, although my absolute highlight would be winning Next Generation Hairdresser in the Cut, Colour, and Style sections at my regional competition – something never done before”.

If you’re thinking about a career in hairdressing, Liana advises:

“Follow the career path you want to take, but be aware that hairdressing is nothing like you think it is. The work is hard and the hours are long, but you can earn while you learn, be creative every day, and push boundaries”.

Liana hopes to always keep learning and expanding her skills. She wants to join an Artistic Team and become an educator, travelling the world and sharing her love for hairdressing.

“My apprenticeship has taken me places I never thought I would go,” Liana says. “I’m absolutely stunned by what I can achieve when I work towards it. It’s a career, not just a job”.

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