"I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I left school," Kirsty says. "I originally went to polytech and trained as a chef. It wasn't until I got a job as a salon receptionist that I considered hairdressing".

As receptionist, Kirsty saw how creative her colleagues got to be and how happy their clients were. Such a rewarding career appealed to her. 

"I've learned so much as an apprentice," Kirsty says. "I changed salons during my apprenticeship, and since then I've been so busy and constantly learning. It's a whole different world".

Kirsty's family and friends are super supportive of her choice, mainly because her friends are "keen on the possibility of free haircuts".

"Doing an apprenticeship won't be easy, but it's worth it," Kirsty says. "Financially it's a better choice, but you also learn so much more in the salon than on a course. I'd definitely recommend an apprenticeship".

Kirsty's main goal is to build her clientele and keep learning and improving. She also hopes to own a salon one day.

"I want to step up and be challenged".


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