Katie Peters

"I'd always been interested in a career in hairdressing," Katie says. "I started applying for apprenticeship after I left school, and I kept trying until I found the right one".

A self-described 'people-person', Katie says no one was surprised when she chose a people-focused industry like hairdressing. Although most of her friends went off to university, Katie says she relished the opportunity to stay near her family while she trained on the job. Both her parents and teachers were happy with her choice, especially as hairdressing gave Katie the opportunity to have a rewarding career.

Katie spent a year working in dairy farming before applying for hairdressing jobs. She says a massive highlight has been recently passing the first year of her apprenticeship. Katie also manages a lot of the administration for her salon, which she finds extremely rewarding. 

"There's a lot more to hairdressing than people expect," Katie says. "I'd recommend to anyone thinking about hairdressing to finish their schooling and really do their research before they start applying for hairdressing apprenticeships. It's also important to keep looking for new opportunities, and to put yourself out there when looking for a career in hairdressing". 

Katie hopes to be an inspiration to others. She wants her peers to look up to her, and to know they can come to her for help and support in their careers.

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