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Jessika is helping to make a real difference in the lives of young offenders. The life skills course she runs at Youth and Cultural Development in Christchurch supports young people who are at risk of, or who are offending.

“Mostly it’s a way to keep them busy, keep them doing other things and keep them interested in something, in a stable place.

“I had an alternative upbringing myself and I struggled at school – I was kicked out, hated it. And I had home troubles as well - so this was all I wanted to do. I came out the right end –  now I can help other people do the same.”

After studying sociology at Otago University, Jessika wanted to become a qualified Youth worker.  She choose to do her Certificate in Youth Work through ‘on the job’ training supported by Careerforce.

She speaks highly of workplace training. “I get the time in my workday to do my study, so I’m not going home to do it. I really would recommend the work based training to others.  I think it’s a much better way to do it.”

While her full-time job is diverse; so too was the training - giving her the practical skills and knowledge a youth worker calls upon every day.

“Every now and again you get something that really challenges you.  But, most of the time I absolutely love it and I go home feeling pretty good. It’s very satisfying and rewarding.”

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