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Rannerdale 1563

Jerome is a Health Care Assistant at Rannerdale Veterans Care in Christchurch which provides residential care to ex-service men, women, and their dependents. 

“I work at Rannerdale as a health care assistant mainly dispensing and administering medications and I love it.  I came to New Zealand from the Philippines back in 2007 where I was a registered nurse.  I enjoy working with elderly people and so studied aged care when I first came to New Zealand.    I worked in a dementia facility, and later moved to Rannerdale. 

“Some of the residents were in the services and I really enjoy hearing their interesting stories - How things were back when they were youngsters.  Rannerdale is a great environment to work in.   I really enjoy it and the other staff are very supportive.  

“I started working on my Level 3 (National Certificate in Health, Disability, and Aged Support (Core Competencies) (Level 3) with Careerforce.  Rhonda, the trainer here at Rannerdale has been an excellent mentor.   

“Although I had learnt much of the health care basics at school, Careerforce training is much more specialised and advanced.  Some of the information was a refresher, but I also picked up a whole lot of new stuff.  It’s about applying your learning and putting your knowledge into practice. 

“Being in this kind of caregiving role, you need to encourage the residents to become independent and do things for themselves, rather than do everything for.  You have to consider cultural safety – I had Indian resident to care for who had very little English and I had to work hard to understand him.  It’s important to remember to do their care – according to their preference – and not your preference. 

“Fitting study into the working day was easy.  Working here full time and dealing with residents every day, all the time, makes it so much easier to learn. 

“I’ve had lots of support and help from Rhonda (The Rannerdale trainer).  Rannerdale has been great as well.  

“I would definitely recommend Careerforce workplace training to others. It’s good to put your learning into practice – to take what you’ve learnt through Careerforce and apply what you’ve learnt to the residents. 

I’m looking forward to the next step in my career when I’ll be doing the CAP program.  Rannerdale Veterans' Care is an accredited provider of the New Zealand Nursing Council's Competency Assessment Programme.

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