Forestry apprentice of the year proud to follow in family's footsteps

Jasmine Kuru from Kuru Contracting Ltd in Gisborne is one of our talented leaders in the forestry industry.

This inspiring 21-year-old decided to get in to the family business when she was just 16, and can’t wait to head to the bush to work alongside her father Ricky and Poppa Jack each day.

“A typical day starts at 4.45am when I get up and get ready for work. My Poppa picks me up and we arrive at work around 6am, just in time for our tail gate meeting. We all then go into the bush.”

Jasmine is the foreman for the crew, the health and safety officer, and drives a processor every day.

“As the health and safety officer, I have to check and make sure everyone is happy with what they’re doing and no one is putting themselves at unnecessary risk.”

Being a young woman in the forest, surrounded by men, and being the boss’s daughter meant Jasmine always felt she had a lot to prove.

“When I first started my apprenticeship and completed my first unit standard, I felt really proud of myself.

“I was inspired to gain a good name for myself in the company, so I pushed myself by putting all my energy into my training and qualifying to be a skilled forestry worker.”

The hard work paid off when she was announced as the 2016 Apprentice of the Year at the Eastland Wood Council Awards in May this year.

“Although I was extremely honoured to receive such a prestigious award, my biggest achievement that night was making my Dad and Poppa proud of me.”

In her spare time, Jasmine loves plotting around the house she has just bought.

“I have two dogs who I love spending a lot of time with. I love going fishing and camping in the summer. My favourite thing to do at the moment is spending time with my Poppa who has stomach cancer. He is one of my biggest inspirations and although he is weak, he is still working hard with us in the bush.”

When asked what advice she would give to her 16-year-old self, Jasmine says, “I wouldn’t change a thing. I have been following in the footsteps of my Dad and Poppa. I own my own home, I enjoy being able to work with whanau and meet new people, and I can’t wait until the day I take over the family business.” 

Jasmine is currently nominated for the Future Business Leaders Awards, which is organised in conjunction with Got a Trade? Got it Made! Week (22-26 August 2016).




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