Jasmine Gregg-Schofield - NZ Electrician Training

Jasmine (Jazz) Gregg – Schofield grew up close to her Māori roots (Raukawa) and she credits her whānau for driving her to go above and beyond.

“My mum has raised seven of us and we were all home schooled. At the same time, she also trained to become a paramedic and volunteer fire fighter.

“She’s an incredibly strong and smart woman, my best friend and has big footsteps I want to follow in,” she says.

Jazz was destined for a hands on career and in her youth she really wanted to be a pilot before taking on her first career as a flight attendant.

“I was surrounded by a community who predominantly chose trade careers so it was a natural pathway for me.

“I ended up becoming a flight attendant which is nothing like piloting a plane,” she laughs.

So Jazz (25) decided to go on an overseas experience and pursued new career options. She backpacked around Australia, toured South East Asia training in Mui Tai and completed a pre-apprenticeship before taking a role installing alarms and emergency lighting.

Upon returning to New Zealand she went into an electrical apprenticeship with Trydan Electrical in Palmerston North.

“Becoming qualified this year will be a massive accomplishment and my highest qualification yet. I’m so grateful I have a supportive boss and mentor who encouraged me into the apprenticeship. I wish I had started out with a trade in the beginning,” she says.

Jazz enjoys the variety and challenges she experiences day-to-day, working on a variety of sites from small residential to large commercial ones.

“You work with a lot of different people so it’s important to develop the skill of listening and ensuring that you are also heard.

“My company has put their faith in me and The Skills Organisation account manager, Terri Waerea has been completely on the ball in helping me. I’m driven to excel.

“Hard work pays off when you step back and see what you’ve done each day or at the end of the project. It’s literally lights me up. Pun intended,” she laughs.

From early days finding her love of tinkering to now, Jazz is taking big strides to a successful career.

“I’ll work on getting experience under my belt. After that I want to work on alternative energy sources like windmills and then eventually work on building my own house,” she says.

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