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Earning money while learning on the job is an option for everyone. This week I spoke to Sutherland-Todd’s Leah Reuben about her experiences being an apprentice in the hairdressing industry.

Leah first got into hairdressing because of her passion for beauty, her thirst for creativity and the endless opportunities on offer.

Leah says that university never appealed to her and she liked the idea of earning money while she learnt new skills. She has an enormous list of achievements, such as winning a stack of hairdressing competitions around New Zealand. However, Leah's favourite part of her job is making people smile and feel good about themselves.

"I also love cutting hair for the homeless at the City Mission, and meeting other creative people that share my passion,” she says.

Leah is an inspiration to young New Zealanders wanting to help the country with their creative passions. Her work with the City Mission is very rewarding for her and amazing for others to see.

The hairdresser benefits from on-the-job learning because she is a visual, hands-on learner and enjoys the practical side of learning. She also likes the independence that comes with her apprenticeship, as it enables her to live out of home and gives her the freedom to save for things she wants in and out of her hairdressing career.

She has come very far in her career and says her parents are extremely proud of the progress she has made and her many achievements. This shows that doing an apprenticeship/on-the-job learning is a practical option for everyone.

She admits that an apprenticeship is not always easy, but she strongly believes that giving up is not an option. “Choose a workplace that encourages you to always do your best and holds you accountable. Make sure you always think outside the square and never, ever give up.”

If you keep trying and power on, the rewards are most definitely worth it. Leah also suggests that you utilise every resource available to you.

With big dreams for the future and a strong work ethic, Leah will no doubt go onto even greater things. She wants to own her own business, mentor up-and-coming stylists, gain some film experience, travel to discover new ideas and be inspired by other stylists, and earn the title of the Top New Zealand Hairdresser.

Leah has gained experience in an area she loves and gets paid to do it! She is living the dream because she works hard and takes every opportunity she is given. For all you teenagers thinking about your future, she has some very wise advice:

“Take time to really think about what you want to do with your future. The time and effort you put in will be hard but eventually will pay off.”

This article was written by a Maverick from TEARAWAY, The Voice of New Zealand Youth! 

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