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David Murray - NZ Electrical Training

Dave Murray, Ngāpuhi, knows the only limitations in life are the ones you place on yourself.

At 43, he didn’t see why he couldn’t change careers, so he entered an electrical apprenticeship with Max Tarr Commercial.

Dave says his interest in electrics started when he was 23 years old and working at the army fire station.

 “I joined the army as a firefighter but after 16 years I wanted a better work/life balance and a new challenge.

“One day electricians came into the station to do upgrade work and I jumped at the opportunity to ask them about their careers and work.

Dave’s positive outlook proves “the world is your oyster” when you decide to try something new.

“Becoming an electrician is a massive opportunity. Electricity is necessary for quality of life, especially evident when you go to third world countries,” he says.

However, he admits being an older apprentice has its pros and cons.

“On one hand, people will automatically assume I am qualified based on appearance which can sometimes be an issue because I’m not,” he laughs.

“But on the other hand, I think people respect my decision to start from the bottom and work my way up after an already successful career.

“Looking back, getting into a trade is something I wish I had done straight out of school because it’s something you can always fall back on.”

Dave’s ambition doesn’t stop there with even bigger goals once qualified.

“I hope to finish my apprenticeship this year and my account manager, Terri Waerea at The Skills Organisation has been really supportive in this goal. Hitting the books after being out of school has been a real shock to the system.

“Once that’s squared away I’ll be racking up experience and turning my focus to alternate energy supplies. Eventually I want to break into a more efficient and cheaper energy niche to help less fortunate nations,” he explains.

If you are thinking about taking on a trade, Dave says set a high standard for yourself and make it happen.

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