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Nineteen-year old Crystal Tekira got into community support work after caring for her poppa when he was unwell. Crystal’s Aunty, also a support worker, helped Crystal to apply for the role she has now been in for over a year.

“Before I started this job I had a good understanding of people. But now those skills have been advanced, from my work in the community and my training.

I feel like a really different person to when I started - I’ve changed, I’ve really grown.

Training and learning while I’m working can be a bit of a juggle, but it’s flexible and it’s practical.

There’s no teacher, so there is a lot of self-motivation, which suits me.

Being in a classroom didn’t really work for me. I’m a hands on person and this training makes sense. You have it under your belt when you go to work. You can make better choices and be more confident.

Now I can say I have that knowledge, and it’s so worth it. I’ll have it for the rest of my working life.

This work we do is so important. Some people don’t even know these jobs exist. We help to maintain the dignity of the people we support. We help them to live everyday lives, to do their shopping, to achieve their goals.

But we don’t do things for them – we encourage them to do it themselves – it’s empowering for them and for us.

We support these people to do what they want, to have goals and to learn to live as independently as possible.

I love having more knowledge and experience to advance and to develop. And I do that – every day supporting people in the community. I want to help them through their journey.”

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