"There's no one set pathway for hairdressers," Callum says. "You can travel, own a salon, work on photo shoots, grow your clientele in salon, and heaps more."

Callum isn't the only hairdresser in his family. His mum was always supportive of his career choice, although she wasn't sure about him leaving school early to pursue an apprenticeship. 

"My mum wanted me to finish school before I started my career," Callum says. "I was completely sure that hairdressing was what I wanted to do, though, and once my mum saw that she was happy for me to start my apprenticeship. I think it's the best decision I've ever made".

Callum's teachers were surprised when he chose a career in hairdressing. He'd always been good at science at school, so they thought he'd pursue a career in a scientific field.

"The teachers frowned on my choice a bit," Callum says. "I knew I was making the right decision, though".

Callum admits his friends weren't too sure about his choice either.

"My female friends were mostly excited about the free haircuts," Callum says. "My guy mates were a bit weirded out at first though, although now that they see how well I fit in to the industry they're happy about it".

"I love my job, particularly the colour work I'm doing now," Callum says. "I feel like I fit in really well at the salon, and I've got a lovely group of regular clients I work with. I really look up to my workmates, and I want to achieve what they've achieved". 

For those thinking about a career in hairdressing, Callum has some advice:

"Never do anything half-hearted," Callum says. "Follow your career with everything you've got, and put both feet forward".

As well as building his clientele and growing his career as a hairdresser, Callum also has an interest in barbering. He plans to train as a barber, with his ultimate dream being his own barber studio and tattoo shop. He also wants to travel the world and live and work in London. The ability to travel was one of the things that appealed to Callum about hairdressing in the first place. 

"There's so much to look forward to".

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