Blair was really aware that sailing might not always pay the bills and when he met an electrician doing some work on his parents' boat Blair got interested in what he was doing. They got chatting and before long Blair had secured a casual job to see more about what being an electrician was all about. Blair really enjoyed the work and he and his boss approached The Skills Organisation to start his electrical engineering apprenticeship.

Completing his apprenticeship was tough for Blair - he had to combine some serious training for his 49er sailing aspirations (to win!) and his on-job and off-job components. The Skills Organisation assisted Blair but it was his determination to complete a qualification and have a secure career for the future that got Blair through.Here are some words from Blair on his apprenticeship:

"The best way to learn something is by doing it yourself. When you're doing an apprenticeship you're working, you're learning and you're getting paid at the same time! At the end of the day if you can complete an apprenticeship and get qualified maybe it'll put you ahead of someone who isn't qualified.

Doing an electrical apprenticeship was a great decision and it really helped me become a better sailor as well.Trades are a really good option. Some of you may want to go to University, and that's great, but a trade is a really great alternative.

It'll set you up for life".

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