When Anna Clearwater first left school she had no clear direction. She never imagined what a great life she’d be living just a few years later as a carpentry apprentice.

After travelling overseas for a short while and two years studying at university, the ultimate lack of job prospects and a future looking at the four walls of a small office didn’t seem like the best way to go. Not to mention how to justify racking up an even bigger student loan with no apparent reward at the end of that journey.

A career in building had always been of interest and Anna ended up spending time online researching how to do an apprenticeship instead of studying for her uni exams.

Fast forward a couple of years and now at 23, she’s busy earning and learning every day at Crestway Construction. Anna says the best aspect of being an apprentice is standing back and being able to see the finished structure you’ve been working on. “It gives me a real sense of pride knowing that I’ve been involved in creating something from the ground up that never existed before.”

Anna’s just achieved a major life goal of buying her first house and is very excited at being able to put the skills she’s learning on the job into her own project in the weekends.

Anna says that being a female is no obstacle in this male-dominated industry. “Employers are recognising the potential for another dimension of skills that diversity brings to the business and what they care about is about attitude and drive, not what gender you are.”

“My advice to other girls thinking about doing construction is DO IT! You can’t imagine the joy of waking up every morning, busting to get to work and then dreaming of the weekend so you can try out new skills or tools on exciting projects. In fact – your mates will think you’re so cool, they’ll be asking you to do projects for them too!”

After she’s qualified Anna plans on gaining the experience and confidence to run her own crew and perhaps own her own business in future.

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